EKSU 2024/2025 School Fees For Fresh and Returning Students

The price of tuition and other associated expenses is one of the crucial aspects to take into account when submitting an application for admission to Ekiti State University. We’ll give you a thorough overview of the school fees at Ekiti State University in this article.

EKSU School Fees

A reputable university, Ekiti State University, EKSU provides students with a high-quality education. However, before deciding whether to pursue higher education, it is crucial for students to take into account the cost of tuition and other associated costs. This article includes a thorough breakdown of all school fees associated with Ekiti State University, such as tuition, living expenses, and other fees. We anticipate that students who intend to enroll at Ekiti State University will find this material useful.

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Is The EKSU School Fees For 2024/2025 Out

The general public has been told by Ekiti State University, EKSU, that the current tuition rates and admission costs for the academic year 2024–2025 are now available. Continue reading this article because the previous paragraphs have already mentioned the EKSU School Fees for both new and returning students, as well as the accepted cut-off mark for the 2024 academic session.

School Fee/Tuition Fees for Ekiti State University

The cost of attending Ekiti State University varies depending on the academic department and degree program. Typically, undergraduate programs cost between 95,000 and 468,000 per session in tuition. It is significant to remember that tuition costs for non-indigenous students are greater than those for indigenes of Ekiti State.

EKSU Cut Off Mark

Depending on the faculty and course of study, Ekiti State University’s school fees for non-Indigen students range from 171,000 (one hundred and Seventy thousand naira only) to 468,000 ( Four Hundred and Sixty-Eight Thousand Naira) per academic session.

Indigenes must pay N95,000 (One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Naira) to 375,000 ( Three Hundred and Seventy-Five Thousand Naira) in school fees depending on their department as the medicine and surgery department is the highest school fee for the 2023 academic year.

Ekiti State University 2024/2025 Acceptance Fee

Without paying the EKSU Acceptance fee for the 2024–2025 academic year, the university has not yet officially acknowledged your admission offer. Only those applicants who have paid their acceptance fees will be regarded as EKSU students.


OTHERS: 57,000
ii) Additionally, a sum of N4,000 is to be paid as a Portal Management Fee.

2024/2025 Accommodation Fees for Ekiti State University

Accommodations are available at Ekiti State University for students who want to reside on campus. The cost of lodging varies according to the hostel’s location and kind of lodging. Although it is safer to reside on a university campus, there are accommodations available for students who want to live off campus.

How to Check Ekiti State University School Fees

By going to Ekiti State University’s official website, www.ebsu.edu.ng, and accessing the school fees portal, students can check their school fees. They can then input their student information and examine their current tuition costs.

There are substantial repercussions for not paying your fees on time, so make sure school fees and other expenses, such as admittance fees, course registration fees, and library and medical fees, are paid before the university deadline.

If you have any queries about the Ekiti State University tuition for the 2024–2025 academic year, please post them in the comment section and we’ll get back to you.

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