GSU School Fees For All Courses 2024/2025 Academic Session

Did you submit an application to Gombe State University (GSU)? This post has all the information you require if you are a new or returning student at Gombe State University (GSU) and are unsure of the current school fees for the 2024–2025 academic year.

Gombe State University School Fees

2024 GSU School Fees For New and Returning Students

The Gombe State University (GSU) charges different tuition rates based on the program and level of study. The most current information may always be found by visiting the university’s website at, although it is important to note that these fees are subject to change.

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The GSU School fees for all faculties are as follows:

Faculty of Science

  • Freshers/New Students:
    • Indigenes – N30,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N71,000
  • Returning Students:
    • Indigenes – N25,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N63,000

Faculty of Social Sciences / Arts

  • Freshers/New Students:
    • Indigenes – N26,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N67,000
  • Returning Students:
    • Indigenes – N21,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N59,000

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Freshers/New Students:
    • Indigenes – N39,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N80,500
  • Returning Students:
    • Indigenes – N31,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N72,500

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Freshers/New Students:
    • Indigenes – N39,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N80,500
  • Returning Students:
    • Indigenes – N31,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N72,500

Faculty of Medical Sciences (Clinical)

  • Nigerians:
    • Indigenes – N59,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N100,500
  • Foreigners:
    • Indigenes – N130,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N160,500

Faculty of Education

  • Freshers/New Students:
    • Indigenes – N22,500
    • Non-Indigenes – N63,000

School Fees at Gombe State University (GSU) for 2024–2025

The GSU is dedicated to giving students a top-notch education and giving them the tools they need to succeed in their chosen industries. Students have many possibilities to pursue their academic and professional goals thanks to the university’s wide choice of programs across numerous faculties. The affordability of education is significantly influenced by school costs, but it’s also critical to take into account the benefits and value that GSU offers.

GSU Cut-Off Mark

How Much Are the Acceptance Fee and School Fee for GSU 2024/2025?

The amount of acceptance fee at Gombe State University (GSU) varies depending on the program and level of study. Currently, the Gombe State University Acceptance fee is Five Thousand Naira Only (N5,000). The acceptance fee is a crucial point to keep in mind, so it is advised to check the university’s official website for the most recent details.

Gombe State University (GSU) Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure

To make paying for classes easier for students, Gombe State University (GSU) offers a variety of payment options. You will be provided with comprehensive instructions on how to pay the acceptance fee after you have been admitted to the university. Among the acceptable payment options are:

1. Online Payment: You can quickly pay the acceptance fee using your debit card, credit card, or other accepted online payment methods through GUS’s online payment platform. You can complete the payment anywhere with internet access thanks to the simple and secure approach.
2. Bank Payment: Gombe State University (GSU) may give you the bank account information needed to deposit or transfer the acceptance fee. It is crucial to carefully follow the directions given and to save the payment receipt or transaction reference for further use.
3. POS Payment: On the Gombe State University (GSU) campus, certain approved sites may provide point-of-sale (POS) payment capabilities. You can use your debit card or cash to pay the acceptance charge at these places.

GSU Post UTME Form

Important Information To Keep In Mind After Paying The GSU Acceptance Fee

Deadline: Accepted students are required to pay the admission fee within the time limit the university specifies. The entry offer could be lost if payment isn’t made within the allotted time.

Non-refundable: Gombe State University (GSU) often does not return the acceptance fee. Therefore, before completing the payment, you must be sure that joining the university is what you want to do.

Verification: After paying the admission fee, make sure you have the university’s confirmation. A receipt, a payment reference, or any other type of acknowledgment may be included in this confirmation. For future reference, keep this confirmation document secure.

Admission Letter: Gombe State University (GSU) will send an admission letter as an official confirmation of your admission following payment of the acceptance fee. Important details like your matriculation number, program specifics, and other pertinent instructions may be included in the admittance letter. Save a copy of this letter, and use it as needed.

Please leave your questions in the comment section if you have any about the 2024/2025 School Fees at Gombe State University (GSU) and they will be answered.

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