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Are you thinking of attending Kaduna State University, (KASU) but are concerned about the tuition costs? Look nowhere else! We’ll examine every facet of Kaduna State University school fees in this in-depth guide, including specific breakdowns, ways of payment, frequently asked questions, and more. This article will give you important insights into the fees related to attending Kaduna State University, whether you’re a prospective student or a parent looking for information. So let’s dive in and learn more about the exciting world of KASU tuition!

KASU 2023 School fees portal

KASU School Fees For Fresh and Old Students

Are you looking for new and returning student tuition at KASU? Or are you interested in learning the tuition costs for native and non-native students at Kaduna State University for the 2023–2024 academic year? If that holds true, you are reading the right article. But first, let’s take a quick look at an overview of Kaduna State University school fees before we get into the details. It is significant to remember that costs can change based on the program, faculty, and degree of study. Here is a general overview of Kaduna State University’s tuition costs:


Kaduna State University School Fees Payment Schedule For All Students

Your tuition fee at Kaduna State University as an undergraduate student is determined by the faculty and program you are enrolled in. Here is a breakdown of the costs for the various faculties:

Arabic Studies 46,000 27,000
Agriculture 46,000 27,000
Architecture 46,000 27,000
Accounting 46,000 27,000
Biochemistry 46,000 27,000
Biological Science(s) 46,000 27,000
Biology 46,000 27,000
Business Administration 46,000 27,000
Chemistry 46,000 27,000
Chinese Studies 46,000 27,000
Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies 46,000 27,000
Computer Science 46,000 27,000
Crop Production And Soil Science 46,000 27,000
Drama/ Performing Arts 46,000 27,000
Economics 46,000 27,000
Environmental Management 46,000 27,000
Estate Management 46,000 27,000
French 46,000 27,000
Geography 46,000 27,000
Geology 46,000 27,000
Geophysics 46,000 27,000
History 46,000 27,000
Industrial Chemistry 46,000 27,000
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 46,000 27,000
Islamic Studies 46,000 27,000
Library and Information Science 46,000 27,000
Linguistics 46,000 27,000
Mass Communication 46,000 27,000
Mathematics 46,000 27,000
Medicine and Surgery 46,000 27,000
Microbiology 46,000 27,000
Pharmacy 46,000 27,000
Physics 46,000 27,000
Political Science 46,000 27,000
Quantity Surveying 46,000 27,000
Statistics 46,000 27,000
Sociology 46,000 27,000

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Please be aware that the above-mentioned costs could vary. Before making any payments for the 2023 academic session, it is imperative to clarify the current fees with the institution or visit their official website at www.kasu.edu.ng. For new students, the Kaduna State University acceptance fee ranges from N40,000 to N70,000.

Please take note that your admission offer is not certain if you do not pay this acceptance fee.

Payment Options and the KASU School Fees Payment Schedule

To make it easier for students to pay their tuition, KASU offers a number of payment options. Below are some examples.

1. Online Payment: Kaduna State University provides a convenient online payment facility for students to pay their tuition. Paying with debit/credit cards or other electronic payment methods is possible with this approach.

2. Bank Deposits: Students can also decide to pay their fees by depositing money in their banks. A list of approved banks where the fees can be deposited is provided by the university. To ensure proper payment allocation, it’s crucial to supply the right reference number and student information.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that KASU can have particular deadlines for fee payments. For the payment schedule, it is advisable to consult the university’s academic calendar or get in touch with the relevant department.

3. Direct Bank Transfers: Students also have the option of paying their tuition via direct bank transfer. For the bank to facilitate the transfer using this method, relevant payment information must be provided.

4. Remita Payment technology: Kaduna State University makes use of Remita, a technology that enables students to pay tuition online or at certain Remita payment locations. For students, this approach offers ease and flexibility.

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Kaduna State University School Fees FAQs

Do All courses at KASU have the same tuition costs?

No, the cost of attending school varies depending on the faculty, the program, and the degree of study. Each faculty/ discipline has a unique cost schedule. Additionally, native people pay a different amount than non-indigenes.

How Can I Make my payment for KASU School fees?

For tuition, Kaduna State University might provide options for installment payments. It is wise to inquire about the availability and conditions of installment plans with the university.

Other than the Tuition, are there any other Fees at KASU?

Yes, in addition to the tuition, there are also acceptance costs, registration fees, and lodging fees.

If you have any questions to ask regarding the Kaduna State University School Fees or hard difficulty paying your fees online, please drop them in the comment box below and they will be answered.

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