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Were you searching for the Original Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past Questions and Answers then worry no more because you have landed in the right place. Smash POLAC Exams with Ease. We have The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) past questions and Answers.

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However, passing difficult entrance tests is a requirement for enrollment in this esteemed Institution. The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) past questions and answers” is a priceless tool that will greatly assist your preparation. We will explore the significance of these resources, offer professional perspectives, and address important concerns in this article.

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The Importance of The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past Questions and Answers

The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past Questions And Answers is the secret to passing the Examination as you’ll be exposed to questions that you’re likely to see and also help you have a clue of the examination pattern, utilize time effectively, Enhancing Exam Preparedness, Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses, Boosting Confidence, Reducing Exam Anxiety

Sample Of The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past Questions And Answers

Answer all questions: shade the answer sheet as appropriate with HG pencil only,
1. A mixture contains 20cm3of hydrogen, 35cm3
of oxygen,15cm3 of carbon dioxide, and 10cm3 of nitrogen at S.T.P.,
which of the following gives the mole fraction of hydrogen
in this mixture? A.0.02 B.0.16 C.0.20 D.0.2 5 E.20

2. 0.07g of a hydride of carbon occupies 56 at S.T.P. when
vapourised and contains 14.29% by mass hydrogen. The
formula of the hydrocarbon is A.CH4  B.C2H2  C.C2H4 D.
C2H6  E.C3H8 [C=12,H=1]

3. The pressure on 100cm3 of oxygen gas at 35°c is 750mm of
Hg. What would be the volume of the gas if the pressure is
increased to 1000mm of Hg without changing the
temperature? A. 133.3cm3
C. 75cm3
D. 65cm3

E. 58cm3
4. Which of the following bonds exist in crystalline ammonium

chloride (NH4CI)? A. ionic and covalent B. ionic and co-
ordinate C. ionic, covalent and co-ordinate D. covalent, co-
ordinate and metallic E. ionic, covalent and metallic

5. Which of the following is a neutralization reaction?
Addition of A. nitric acid to hydrochloric acid S. nitric acid to
sulphuric acid C. acid to distilled water D. nitric acid to
sodium hydroxide E. sodium chloride to distilled water

How to Access POLAC Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers

You might be curious about how to obtain The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) previous questions and Answers now that you are aware of their importance. There’s no magic in passing The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) and becoming a cadet than studying along with the past questions and answers. You can access The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past Questions & Answers in PDF format by simply following the instructions below.

Here are some methods for getting hold of these powerful learning resources:

Past Exam Questions and Answers for The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) is N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira Only).

Make Payment to the Bank Account Below:

Bank Name: Union Bank

Account Name: Udom, Udioko

Account Number: 0103573442

Account Type: Savings

Send proof of payment (Screenshot of Payment, Name of Past-Question Question) via WhatsApp to 08028963918 after making a payment. If you don’t use WhatsApp, send an SMS to 08028963918 along with your email address. To send, Click Here

Immediately after your payment is confirmed, The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past-Question and Answers will be sent directly to you in a PDF Format.

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Frequently Asked Questions About POLAC

Q: How To Obtain The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Past Questions and Answers?

A: Interested Candidates can acquire this useful Material online or inquire from your school’s administration.

Q: Are Past Questions and Answers Always Useful For The Current Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Exams?

A: Although the Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) format and questions might change, The past questions still provide valuable assistance and give in-depth insights into question patterns.

Q: What Are the UTME Subjects Combination For The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC)?

A: To register for POLAC or Study at the Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC), you must have written and secured a minimum of Credit Passes in the following subjects in your WAEC/NECO Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English for science courses and two art subjects in place of Physics and Chemistry for art courses.

Q: What is the Cut-Off Mark For POLAC?

A:  The UTME cut-off mark for The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) is 140 and above. While past questions are essential, it’s advisable to complement them with textbooks, review courses, and practical experience.

CHECK: POLAC Cut-Off Mark For Admission

Q: How Much Is the POLAC Form?

A: The Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Post UTME Form differs from year to year. It is advisable to Visit the official website before making a purchase.

If you have questions or comments to make the Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil (POLAC) Please leave them in the comment section and they will be answered immediately.

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